Digital Media Academy Digital Media Academy - Swarthmore College & Drexel University

Swarthmore College & Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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Summer camp at Swarthmore with Digital Media Academy beckons for those teens and kids who love learning new computer skills. Whether they choose day or sleepaway options, campers at Swarthmore get plenty of hands-on experience to create their own unique digital projects. Teens can choose from camps focused on programming with JAVA, 3D game creation, digital filmmaking or other programs. Kids ages 6-12 can choose their own adventures such as acting and movie making, game creation, or robotics. With so many choices, there is something for every kid and teen. Your child will love these summer enrichment camps.

Coed, ages 6 - 18

Camp Type: Academic

Focus: Computers

Academic Activities: Computer Programming, Robotics

Arts Activities: Music, Photography, Web Design

Sports Activities: Soccer

Miscellaneous Activities: Amusement Parks, Tag, Water Parks